Umi and Satomi


Traveling Hokkaido 1 - How a stay-at-home people and dog get success of traveling Hokkaido

The end of last summer, when one and half year had passed since I had came to Sapporo, I planed Hokkaido trip. Hokkaido is special great land in Japan, where No.1 region Japanese wants to live in, visit, and travel.


We are...

  1. Family: 2 humans, 1 dog
  2. No car
  3. easy to get tired
  4. very groumet
  5. poor at drive
  6. stay-in-home
  7. stick to hotel and bed too
  8. doggy has never gone out to far

... not so good member for travel


  1. Buy a car
  2. Research where we want to go
  3. Travel cost
  4. Prepare to traveling
  5. Make a plan
  6. Let's go!


In this April, we traveled to Hakodate to see cherry blossom. Full bloom, very fine weather, so pretty lovely travel.

Hasegawa Store... speciality store... maybe... f:id:susanne:20160425190435j:plain

Night view from Mt.Hakodate f:id:susanne:20160425204813j:plain

Sashimi of squid f:id:susanne:20160426093546j:plain

From now on, I will write how to get success of traveling of us in this blog.